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Spanish  for Children in Surrey


Fun Spanish lessons for families wanting to take private tailor made Spanish classes with your children in Chessington, Surrey..

Spanish for families with primary school age children ages 3-5/6 are ideal to learn Spanish with siblings and parents. Teaching is targeted to children’s way of learning and parents are encouraged to take active part in the lessons. Spanish courses for children include: Latin music & dance * Singing * Puppets * Reading * and much more

Children will learn fast with Spanish Lessons in Surrey teaching methodology.

These effective and fun 45 minutes private Spanish lessons for Parent and Child can be taken in 10 weeks or 2 weeks intensive from Monday till Saturday during the day or after school online or face to face in Chessington.


Ideal for children 6-10 year olds and their friends learning Spanish in a small group face to face in Chessington. No parents involved. 

These effective and fun 1 hour group Spanish lessons for children can be taken in 12 weeks or 1 week intensive during half term. Spanish courses for children are interactive, energetic and fun. Spanish group courses for children start in January, April and September. As they are very popular and there is a maximum of 5 children per group please request to be put on the waiting list, email us.

Martha Jesty has a DBS Police check and has been teaching Spanish to children for more than 20 years. 

For parents with children 1-3 years of age, see information below, Spanish for babies & toddlers.

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Abundant research has demonstrated that learning a language between 0-12 years of age is the only window when the brain can acquire a foreign language without any acent!

Spanish Lessons in Surrey has developed a teaching methodology based in neuroscience to teach parents how to coach their own babies and toddlers to learn Spanish ages 1-3 age. Parents coaching tailor-made private course includes learning Spanish language techniques, Spanish basic pronunciation, babies and toddlers language acquisition based in neuroscience.

For costs please email us.

“The children enjoy the Spanish classes and are eager to go. They manage their homework with ease and enter the class with a beaming smile every time. After class they take particular joy in telling the family what they have learned with confidence and pride. Martha Jesty gives my children a sense of comfort and confidence only a dedicated teacher can give. Martha has an organised and flowing curriculum which allows the children to expand on the Spanish language naturally. She gives an abundance of resources and materials to expand on at home, giving the whole family room to learn. The children feel heard and that’s important! The encouragement given by Martha allows them to freely express themselves and grow in a friendly environment. An excellent experienced language professional.” Stacey Moses

“Martha Jesty is a highly experienced language teacher and coach who is a dynamic, engaging and effective. She is very knowledgeable about Spanish and Latin American language and culture as well as different styles and methods of learning and how best to introduce language to children. The lessons involved using different resources such as puppets, Latin music, songs, books, colours, worksheets and other tools. We were able to learn a lot in a short time and there is opportunity to recycle and use the language learnt. My child is only 2 and able to understand and repeat greetings as well as recognise and say her numbers and many words covered in the topics, we have done such as animals, colours, etc. Martha is very obliging whenever I have questions and explains grammar well."   Yui Redford

“Martha Jesty develops rapport well with my children -8 and 5- by being friendly and showing an interest in them. They enjoy the puppets, music part of session. It was good for the children to get items such as fruit / vegetables in the home as this helps engagement. Martha’s knowledge of teaching methodology is very good and she is clear to myself as a parent about what is required to support my children with their ongoing learning. I have been impressed as to how much could be learnt in 20 minutes and by continued practice at home. It is helpful to learn together as a family. We have all been using it functionally across the day and enjoying speaking another language. It is advantageous to learn together and being online is easy to access without the time spent travelling. Within term time we would not have had the opportunity to learn Spanish unless online, based on our previous routine. We would be happy to continue online learning but perhaps also having an opportunity to do face to face events now and again when this is possible. We appreciate Martha’s time to teach us some Spanish.” Mrs Caroline Burns

Spanish for babies
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