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Spanish Teacher in Surrey

Spanish Language Teacher, Language Coach Spanish Tutor in Surrey official DELE examiner for Instituto Cervantes

"I am an energetic and positive person with a passion to see people free from stress and worries. With a positive attitude to life, I see problems as an opportunity to become better every day. I am a lover of life, food and dance and I trasmit these optimistic and positive feelings to each of my clients whatever their ages. I will train your family to become bilingual. I will train you to think in Spanish and understand Spanish in a very effective way".

Martha Jesty

Spanish language courses online with martha jesty spanish tutor and spanish teacher Surrey

The joy of teaching Spanish can be measured by the small achievements of my clients. When I see the effort they make to produce the language using their memory, creativity, attention and all the areas of their brain (auditory system, memory system, motor system, the Brocha's area to produce the language, the Wernicke's area, the left brain to decode the grammatical points, the right brain to create sentences, etc), then I applaud them. The rewards of witnessing their language achievements is invaluable and I transfer my own joy to them, I celebrate their mistakes and literally clap at them. Through my Spanish language teaching people get transformed, they change the way they see themselves, they become more patience and more accepting of their language mistakes and how they perceive themselves. They also discover their own and unique way of learning and this is a huge discovery for them as they have never experience personal approach to their learning. Whatever your age 5 or 85, when you take a private or group course with me you feel cared for, you will become more aware of your learning and more understanding of different cultures especially Latin American and Spanish cultures.

I am a Language Coach

I am a Language Coach. I not only develop in each Spanish language class the 4 language skills (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking) required by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, but what happens in class is something much deeper than that. I help each all my clients to discover their unique way of learning, this is an amazing process which opens up in front of their eyes.

I                                I CREATE BILINGUAL BRAINS.

My Spanish language effective methodology is directed and guided by each client who learns Spanish in a group or on a private bases, either face to face in Surrey or online anywhere in the world.

Martha Jesty PGCert, MCIL

Martha Jesty is a multi-faceted language coach, life coach and an artist in Surrey. She has more than 20 year's experience in Spanish language teaching, an RSA Diploma in Teaching Modern Languages,  is an official Instituto Cervantes Examiner for the DELE exams and a full member of the Chartered Institute of Linguistics CIOL.  Peruvian born and a British Citizen for many years, Martha has a Post graduate diploma in Psychological Trauma and a Diploma in Pastoral Care, enabling her to use a caring approach with all her clients that leads them to discover their own learning techniques. Her Spanish language teaching and training techniques are unique in the market as it uses the whole with children and vulnerable people and she is a First Aider for adults and children. Martha's passion is in Neuroscience and Language and her bed time reading books are in Psychotherapy, Neuroscience and Cognitive Behavioural lastest researches. Her hobbies are sewing and clothes designing, Jewelry making and design, oil painting and drawing and performing arts.



“Matha Jesty’s style is very clear and direct. She gives good encouragement and support whilst at the same time not trying to spoon feed the students. Enthusiastically discusses and teaches a wide range of subject matter to help learn the language. The lessons are relaxed and fun whilst still retaining a learning environment. Martha is very knowledgeable in the methods of learning a language and the way the brain works when absorbing and storing information plus the way to remember it once inside your head. She clearly conveys this during her lessons. Martha introduces different aspects of Spanish and Latin American life into the lessons whenever possible in order to help teach the language and give added interest. Martha provides good and clear teaching. She makes sure everybody is included and continually encourages students to speak, participate and contribute. She gives clear guidance and advice. The lessons have also been fun.  In the space of a few months after not having any prior experience (Level 0) of the language I am surprised as to just how much I have learnt. I feel the more I learn, the more it becomes easier to learn new things and certainly my confidence has increased. We were continually encouraged in the classes and a genuine interest shown into how each of us were progressing. Yes I would recommend the language school.” 

Peter Feloy


 “I have found the teacher, Martha Jesty, personally patient, positive and encouraging, and the methodologies effective, including listening and memorising techiniques, and pointers to various on-line and audi-visual reference materials. The memorising exercises (such as the family housework verbs handout) and written work assignments have worked well for me.”  Anne Simpson

“Martha Jesty was very dynamic, passionate about us learning and enthusiastic. The classes worked very well online.  The style was very good, Martha took time to explain how best to learn a language and was keen for us to absorb ourselves in it. Classes had the right level of interaction and a good balance or reading, writing, listening and speaking. Martha was knowledgeable about the language, techniques, and also Spanish culture. Overall an excellent teacher. The quality of the SLS language service was excellent, I would have no hesitation in recommending to others. I learnt a lot more grammar than I thought I would during this course and vocabulary was picked up along the way. I was a beginner from scratch 0.  I did try and always do the homework but do feel I could do more. Started off doing something every day but this did drop slightly as time went on. Motivated to keep it going though. I have a book and games to play to try and keep up the practice. Keen to do the next course.” Katie Mann

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