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The Benefits of Learning Spanish with
Spanish Lessons in Surrey

The impact of learning Spanish with Spanish Lessons in Surre, United Kingdom is also seen in the brain structure which manifest in everyday life.

  • You become more patient with yourself as you learn that making mistakes is OK.

  • Become bilingual as you think in Spanish, learning unique Spanish language techniques to achieve this.

  • Become more understanding of Spanish and Latin American cultures as you learn Spanish language grammar and culture.

  • Your hippocampus (long memory) as well as your frontal cortex (short memory) becomes more efficient when you need to learn Spanish grammatical structures and abundant vocabulary.

  • Your auditory cortex becomes sharper by developing comprehensive listening (verbal-nonverbal) and specific listening (analytical and informational) using different listening techniques to learn Spanish. 


Why do you need to learn Spanish?

  • You will be able to travel seamlessly in 20 Spanish speaking countries and interact with more than 700 million in these parts of the world.

  • You will have more cognitive flexibility enabling you to 'go with the flow' better than monolingual people when faced with new or unexpected circumstances.

  • You will have a better brain in old age with increased cognitive abilities, therefore diminishing the chances of getting dementia. Great for adults and older learners.

  • Spanish language will open the door for you in many areas, as working with people from another culture demands flexibility, adaptability and open-mindedness.

  • Great for teens and families with small children

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Spanish Group Classes in Chessington - Surrey

10 week courses Spanish Lessons online or face to face in Chessington, Surrey.

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Spanish Tailor Made Private Lessons

Block of 10, 20 or 30 lessons in Surrey during 1 term with flexible timetable.

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Spanish GCSE, ALEVEL & University exams help

Private classes to help young people to pass their exams with good grades.