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Benefits Learning Spanish with
Spanish Lessons in Surrey

The impact of learning Spanish with Spanish Lessons in Surrey, is also seen in the brain structure which manifest in everyday life.

  • You become more patient with yourself as you learn that making mistakes is OK.

  • Become bilingual as you think in Spanish, learning unique Spanish language techniques to achieve this.

  • Become more understanding of Spanish and Latin American cultures as you learn Spanish language grammar and culture.

  • Your hippocampus (long memory) as well as your frontal cortex (short memory) becomes more efficient when you need to learn Spanish grammatical structures and abundant vocabulary.



Our aim is to develop bilingual  brains based in neuroscience and applied to learning impacting the frontal, visual and auditory cortex as well as the Broca area for languages. With more than 30 years' experience teaching Spanish, we can share very effective and unique learning techniques in our Spanish group courses or in our private Spanish classes


Our teachers are highly professional, highly motivated and so passionate about teaching Spanish that is contagious, and all classes are fun, grammar learning becomes simple and easy to assimilate. All learning is based in enjoyment of the language. Whether you learn Spanish in Surrey, learn Spanish in Spain or learn Spanish in Peru, it will be the same.


Each client taking a Spanish course for adults in Surrey, or Spanish abroad in Spain or Peru, is treated with unconditional positive regard. We take a person centre and holistic approach based on the teaching of Carl Rogers who believed that, given the right conditions, a person can reach their full potential and become their true self.


At Spanish Lessons in Surrey we believe that immersion in the language and culture is a paramount for a fast language learning. Therefore, we offer crash courses in Surrey, Spanish abroad, Spanish voluntary work abroad-gap year, bilingual Spanish cooking classes, Spanish book club, Spanish cinema club, Spanish conversation classes with a glass.

spanishlessonsinsurrey groups.JPG

10 week courses Spanish Lessons in Surrey online or face to face in Chessington, Surrey.

learn spanish in surrey private lessons.jpg

Spanish tailor made classes to suit your life style with flexible timetable and teaching material design just for you.

spanish lessons in surrey with martha jesty epsom.JPG

Private classes to help young people to pass their exams with good grades with an effective methodology.

Learn Spanish in Madrid Spain immersion course work abroad.jpg

Learn Spanish in Madrid, Spain with one of the best Spanish language schools in Spain

learn spanish in cusco peru immersion courses workabroad.jpg

The best place to learn Spanish and get a holidays in Macchu Picchu in Cusco Peru

voluntering Peru work abroad gap year learn spanish in peru.JPG

Amazing oportunity for any person at any age to give something to society working abroad in Peru doing voluntary work and learning Spanish

Some Services

Why should you learn Spanish?

  • You will be able to travel seamlessly in 22 Spanish speaking countries and interact with more than 700 million in these parts of the world.

  • You will have more cognitive flexibility enabling you to 'go with the flow' better than monolingual people when faced with new or unexpected circumstances.

  • You will have a better brain in old age with increased cognitive abilities, therefore diminishing the chances of getting dementia. Great for adults and older learners.

  • Spanish language will open the door for you in many areas, as working with people from another culture demands flexibility, adaptability and open-mindedness.

  • Great for teens and families with small children

  • Choose Spanish group lessons for adults in Surrey, Spanish online, Spanish classes and courses private for teens and Spanish for adults.

“Martha Jesty is a very encouraging and thoughtful teacher. She understands my strengths and, more importantly, my weaknesses and tailors the classes to take these into account. I found the lessons challenging but enjoyable, which I think is the right balance. Martha pushes me to do more than I think I am capable of and that is a smart approach as it enables me to gain more confidence in my abilities. I think I have improved my knowledge of the Spanish language a lot. I can read and write Spanish reasonably well but need to work more on my speaking and listening. I can do that over the summer. I do lack patience some times and it has taken me time to realise that I am on a long journey with the language and I can’t expect to know it all straight away.” Ian Dyson

“Spanish Lessons in Surrey quality of language services is very good with all help available. Martha's knowledge of Latin American and Spanish culture is excellent and very interesting. Martha Jesty is a positive person by nature and this comes through in class. She is very organized and enthusiastic; she is an excellent Spanish teacher.” Derek Tidy

“I have learned a lot about grammar, vocabulary and other rules in such a short space of time. My confidence has grown and would 100% recommend SLS. The teacher and class are very friendly and supportive. I find myself being able to construct sentences in Spanish much easier.

Martha Jesty was supportive, dynamic, enthusiastic and empowering. Her knowledge not just limited to language with a varied methodology encouraging deep learning.”   Harry Wedlake

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