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Spanish Private Tailor Made Lessons in Surrey

Spanish Private Tailor Made Lessons Near You

Spanish private tailor made lessons in Surrey are designed to suit your schedule and your way of learning. Learn Spanish online with Martha Jesty or take Spanish classes for adults face to face or online in Chessington, Surrey with a flexible timetable.


  • Choose the topics and vocabulary for your needs.

  • Learn at your own speed according to your language level A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

  • Constant monitoring of your learning by homework delivery and distance learning.

  • You can also take the official DELE Spanish exam from Instituto Cervantes. Martha Jesty is a Spanish DELE official examiner for the Instituto Cervantes.

  • BUY A GIFT VOUCHER for a birthday or Christmas as an intelligent gift for a colleague or a loved one to take 1 or more Spanish private or group classes, email for more information

Spanish  Lessons in Surrey Methodology

At Spanish Lessons in Surrey we use the Communicative Approach methodology, putting the emphasis on speaking the language. We follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which provides a standard basis for the design of all language programmes in Europe. Therefore we can accurately check each student's language progress in the four skills of: speaking, writing, listening and reading. We adapt to your own way of learning and your life style. All Spanish private courses are tailor made and you learn fast and in a fun way. You will discover your own and unique way of learning which will maximize your Spanish language acquisition. You will learn in a fun, fast and effective way and we can assure you that our teaching services will meet, and hopefully exceed, your expectations.

Learn Spanish and Enrich Your Life

Spanish language opens the door in your life about the life and culture of more than 700 million people based in Spanish and Latin America. Learning Spanish with Spanish Lessons in Surrey will give you the opportunity to travel and communicate with people from 20 countries with rich cultures; will help you to widen your mind, to become richer within. Join our Facebook Groups according to your Spanish level to practice your Spanish with other native speakers. You can also come and join us for our monthly Spanish Conversation Classes in Surrey.

“Having recently had personal Spanish lessons with Martha Jesty I can say her unique and clever way of teaching is fun and made so easy. We played Spanish Bingo and even sang Karaoke together to learn, hence I was learning without even realizing it. Martha is a wonderful caring person with an amazing patience and a fantastic sense of humour too. She is a great teacher and will remain a good friend too. I highly recommend Martha to anyone either wanting to learn a new language or who is relocating to the UK with their family and may be in need of  the assistance of a Cultural Mentor.” Jo Rashbrook

“I enjoy the variety of information given by SLS (textbooks, handouts, games, postcards, etc). The presentation is always clear, and the pace is just right. I am never bored. Martha Jesty is energetic and well organised. She has fantastic people’s skills and is very enthusiastic about all things Spanish, particularly Peruvian. I would recommend Martha Jesty. I found SLS course fun, well-paced and enjoyable.”  Michele Gibson

“Martha Jesty is a warm, generous, empathic person. Her professional skills created a learning environment which I experienced as both containing and enlivening.  Her intuitive approach together with her careful assessment and provision of study material and further resources, have enabled me to discover my own unique way of learning. Martha’s teaching methodology is to engage with her student in a way that develops a shared journey of discovery of how the innate bi-lingual brain is innate within ourselves.  Not only am I gaining confidence in speaking Spanish, my experience of listening is enhanced by my having a deeper awareness of the subtleties of sound, rhythm and the spaces in between both music and language. Martha’s passion, commitment and understanding of a students capacity to develop language skills, has given me the opportunity to embark on a rich and exciting journey into the Spanish language and culture which I intend to explore further with the opportunities that Spanish Lessons in Surrey provide.”  Jacqueline Harrison

“Martha Jesty is incredibly organized, and her supporting material is exceptional, she really does strive for a tailor-made experience. Martha is very engaging and personable, with charm and character. The most important trait though is Martha’s patience and encouragement, allowing her student to learn at the right pace and with the necessary support for your own personal development. The lessons are well structured and varied; developing all skills needed it be a well-rounded Spanish learner. Martha certainly pusher you! I only wish I had more time outside the lessons to complete all the homework and supporting material. My Spanish has progressed hugely under Martha’s supervision, and only until working with Martha have I realized what I’ve been missing for so long; not only in my knowledge gaps but also in a teacher!”   David Stafford

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