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Close your eyes, and imagine yourself in a park in Madrid. The sun warms your face as you chat fluently with your Spanish friend about your new job with a bilingual position. Now open your eyes – did that make you feel happy? Proud? Learning Spanish to get the future you dream of is much more fun than just learning a few Spanish words! Your future is wider!

I’m a Spanish language teacher and coach for adults and young people. I don’t only help teens to pass with good grades their Spanish GCSE, Spanish A Level and university exams but train them to become the interpreters for their families when on holidays in Spain.

As an adult, once you learn Spanish to an intermediate level you will have the ability to talk to more people, live in more countries and experience different cultures. You could do anything, perhaps become a translator or an adventure travel guide, high up in the clouds of the lost city of Machu Picchu or just buy a property in Spain.

Here is why Spanish is such a great language to learn - did you know that Spanish is:

  • The second most widely-spoken language in the world.

  • Spoken by over 700 million people in the globe.

  • The official language of over 20 countries (including Spain, South America, Central America, Mexico and 3 Caribbean countries-Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic.)

  • The third most widely-spoken language on the internet and second most used language on social media.

When I was a teenager, I never thought that learning a language could actually change my life, but after learning English I met my British husband and moved halfway across the world to be with him (I’m from Peru, the best spoken Spanish in Latin America). I now have two gorgeous bilingual children who are free to choose where and how they want to spend the rest of their lives.

Learn Spanish today with Spanish Lessons in Surrey!

Chose any of my Spanish language private courses or Spanish group courses, you will love them!

Martha Jesty



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