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A vast amount of research shows that learning a new language to reduce the risk of getting dementia. It’s also recommended that we keep up with our social and leisure activities, which might seem a bit easier. When you learn Spanish, you get to do both! When people - young, old, employed, retired - learn Spanish with Spanish Lessons in Surrey, they look forward to the classes because our Spanish courses are fun and grammar is explained in a very easy and manageable way. We laugh, we chat, we learn to become brighter and more knowledgeable of Spanish language and culture.

They come to see us because we help them forget about the stress of learning, or the stress of exams if they are taking them. We match their way of learning and many discover their unique way of learning a language. As with all things in life, some people like to be alone and some people like to be with others. At Spanish Lessons in Surrey, you can choose Spanish tailor made private tuition or if you’re looking to make friends and learn Spanish in a group, you can join an a face to face Spanish course in Chessington. Or you can even come to our Spanish fun conversation classes, where you can practice your Spanish conversation with other English speakers with a glass.

It’s a great way to keep your mind active; the classes and the homework give you lots to think about and to focus on. You enjoy yourself, you make friends, learn about Spanish and Latin American culture, and you are left with the ability to hold a conversation in this beautiful, musical language. So, if you’re looking to learn Spanish, to meet other people who enjoy languages, or even to join a new social group in Surrey, don’t be shy.

Come along, have fun and help keep your brain young. It doesn’t have to be scary - and they say the sooner you pick it up, the better it is for you.

Martha Jesty



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