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How to define a good language teacher? Is it the methodology they use, a certain personality trait, the patience they display, the amount of homework they give you? I believe that it is a combination of all these with one main character trait: a caring and friendly personality.

When you look for a good Spanish language teacher you need also to ask yourself questions about the following areas:


The more experienced the teacher, the easier it will be for you to understand crucial grammatical points. The teacher will have collected and made lots of their own teaching materials through the years. They will adapt them to each client to facilitate a smooth language learning. In addition, a good Spanish teacher should organise learning situations, evaluate the learning and participation of each student, involved students in their own learning by allowing them to correct themselves and to create words, facilitate the intercultural communication.


Teaching techniques are learned by training and the higher the qualification, the more knowledgeable the teacher will be. Ideal level for a good teacher is a UK level 6-7 or Examiner level, those who have produced/created exams and those who corrected exams to advanced levels. Not only the class will have steps of 5-15 minutes each according to age and learning abilities of the client, but in addition the whole course will have clear objectives.


The teacher you chose should have a level 6 to 7 in English to be able to explain crucial grammar points to English speakers who are not familiar with their own English grammar points. It will be very beneficial if the teacher also master the culture of the client, in this case British culture.


I think this is a very strong requirement to choose a Spanish teacher as the teacher needs to have very good references in their websites about their personal character and methodology. These are some of the desirable character traits of a good Spanish language teacher: Lots of patience, adaptability at all times, being in tune with the clients emotional and mental state, flexibility to change methodology according to the group and individual clients’ requirements, creativity to create fun materials and activities and have a caring character.

Start learning Spanish today and mucha suerte! to find a good Spanish teacher.

Martha Jesty

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