Spanish Lessons in Surrey online & face to face courses

Spanish Online Group Classes


  • Beginners Level 0, from scratch
  • Beginner Level 1, know verbs in the present
  • Pre-intermediate Level 2, want to learn past tenses


  • 10 week courses Spanish Lessons online or face to face in Chessington, Surrey
  • Spanish group classes in Chessington, Surrey
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Spanish private classes one to one in Chessington Surrey

Spanish Private Block Lessons online or face to face



  • Block of 10, 20 or 30 lessons in Surrey during 1 term with flexible timetable.
  • Spanish lessons in Chessington or at your home or office
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Spanish online for Teenagers

  • Private classes to help teens to pass GCSE exams
  • Help with students doing Spanish Alevel exams
  • Learning tips to manage exam anxiety
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Spanish Express Classes online or face to face

  • Any day, any time Spanish Express online Classes or in Chessington, Surrey, one or more fixed days.
  • Fast and effective Spanish private classes for families, adults and teens
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Spanish Club for Adults

Come and join us if you are:

  • an English speaker who is learning the language and want to practice Spanish in Surrey.
  • interested in practicing Spanish with a glass in a relaxed atmosphere
  • preparing for Spanish A level exams.
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Free Spanish Classes

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  • Exclusive for new clients to try fast and effective Spanish language teaching methodology
  • Free taster Spanish lessons at the beginning of each term
  • Keep visiting our Facebook page Spanish Lessons in Surrey

"SLS quality of language services is very good with all help available.

Martha's knowledge of Latin American and Spanish culture is excellent and very interesting. Martha Jesty is a positive person by nature and this comes through in class. She is very organized and enthusiastic, she is an excellent Spanish teacher." Derek Tidy

"Martha Jesty is a truly committed individual. Her passion and sincerity really shines through in all she does. She has a genuine love of her work and is inspiring with her infectious positivity. After a few minutes in Martha's company, one feels uplifted, energised and full of compassion. She moves you to want to do more for those around you." Barbara Ewing

"Martha Jesty is just fantastic! Upon meeting her, I was captivated by her energy and her charm. Martha also has an extremely positive outlook on life that is infectious! She knows how to bring the best of a person! My recommendation goes to this lovely lady!  Furthermore, on the language side of things, I wasn't able to continue with my Spanish lessons due to personal circumstances but should there be an opportunity to be taught by Martha Jesty again I would jump on it! We had a meet to discuss certain things and she was so open, and I can imagine she takes this into her lessons; an open, free enjoyable approach!." Jonathan Tsang