Why do you need to learn Spanish ?

  • You will be able to travel seamlessly in 20 Spanish speaking countries and interact with more than 700 million in these parts of the world.
  • You will have more cognitive flexibility enabling you to 'go with the flow' better than monolingual people when faced with new or unexpected circumstances.
  • You will have a better brain in old age with increased cognitive abilities, therefore diminishing the chances of getting dementia. Great for adults and older learners.
  • Spanish language will open the door for you in many areas, as working with people from another culture demands flexibility, adaptability and open-mindedness.
  • Great for teens and families with small children

Our Values

  • Integrity and transparency in everything we do and say, verbally and in writing.
  • Nothing is impossible - we believe that every person, of any age or gender, has the capacity to learn Spanish in whatever their history, past experience or IQ level.
  • The wellbeing of our clients is paramount. We never push them, stress them out or criticise them for their way of learning, but encourage them and teach them that making mistakes while learning Spanish is a great way of getting better.
  • Patience, enthusiasm and efficiency in all our teaching courses with the only objective being that our clients attain their own language objectives and goal

Our Objectives

  • To provide effective Spanish for adults, Spanish for families and Spanish for GCSE & Alevel students to master the language according to their objectives.
  • To provide Spanish language services with integrity, transparency and due care for all our clients
  • To train clients effectively in the knowledge of Latin American and Spanish language and culture.
  • To make immersion in to the Spanish language and culture at our Spanish Club for Adults.
  • To make accessible the learning of Spanish language wherever our clients are based, through online Spanish learning and face to face all around London and Surrey.
  • To build friendships and work in partnership with the business community in Surrey.

Why Learn Spanish With SLS ?

  • Spanish effective classes are delivered online or in Surrey for the main groups in the community: Spanish for adults 20-90, Spanish for families with small children, Spanish for teens doing GCSE and Alevel Spanish Exams.
  • We offer Spanish one to one private or group course with emphasis in conversation and fluency paying attention in your unique way of learning.
  • We have been in the teaching British market for more than 20 years.
  • Our dynamic teachers are native speakers from Latin America and Spain.
  • We are able to help clients with very specific language and cultural topics.

We offer Spanish group classes for adults in Surrey, Spanish classes for teens Spanish GCSE & Alevel, Private Spanish classes for families with small children, Spanish private block lessons, SPANISH NEAR YOU with Express Classes online.