Spanish Online Express Classes

Learn Spanish with a good Spanish teacher

What is a good Spanish language Teacher? A good language teacher needs to know very well or even master the first language of the client if they must explain difficult grammar points transferring knowledge from one language to another. A good language teacher also needs to be genuinely caring and pay interest in the client’s way of life and family in order to use this information to create bilingual brains by talking about things that matter to them. Patience, empathy, understanding and unconditional regard are character traits to look for in a good language teacher. Express Classes are ideal to try our methodology.

Express Spanish Online classes are ideal for:

Spanish Express Classes for all ages, learning Spanish ONLINE with Martha Jesty. From Spanish beginners level, Spanish intermediate and advanced level.

Just bring the topic and I will teach you that very topic suitable for your Spanish language level. There is no paper work involved (no homework!) and the classes are on fixed days on you chosen days. FREQUENCY: any day of the week (M-F), any time (8 am - 8 pm) once a week or every day of the week. Ideal for adults, teenagers and Spanish for Families.

Private classes fast and easy Spanish lessons online. You will be surprised how fast you will learn in only one class!

BENEFITS Online Spanish classes
  • Experiencing my fast teaching methodology before committing to a block of Spanish private lessons Learn Spanish specific topics or grammatical points.

  • Learning the basics of Spanish language in order to travel to a Spanish speaking country or do business deals. Learn Spanish for specific vocabulary or topics.

  • A Level, GCSE and university students wanting to practice the speaking exams or to be taught difficult gramatical points.