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I think the pace of the classes with Spanish Lessons in Surrey was just right, as we covered all the different areas for one topic per lesson; I felt evenly splitting the topics over the course made the workload less overwhelming for me.  Hence, I was able to focus better and make each lesson worthwhile.  I also found the extension articles Martha gave me to read very useful in developing my ideas and having new ways to express ideas!  Martha Jesty is a truly a dynamic, enthusiastic teacher that has helped me improve so much over the course.  Without a doubt Martha is not only an excellent teacher that shows she genuinely cares about your academic improvement, giving you vocab structures and ideas that stretch your understanding of the language, but a person that cares for their students’ wellbeing.  

Janet Welsh, group classes

The lessons with Spanish Lessons in Surrey were very comprehensive.  Covered many cultural aspects of Spain and South America.  The conversation classes helped to improve our grasp of the language and our fluency. Martha Jesty is very enthusiastic and makes the lessons great fun.  She is very patient and explains everything very clearly. The lessons were great fun and very helpful.  It has encouraged us to continue with our lessons. We probably need to put in more work before our next course.  We will be attending another course in the new year.

Jane and Richard Wheeler, groups

Martha Jesty is a lovely person to have as a teacher and the classes feel more like an evening with a friend than formal lessons. She uses a wide variety of teaching techniques to help students develop the range of language skills. Having a Peruvian teacher is ideal for us as we plan to visit South America. We leave each class tired but motivated to keep improving.

Paul Hickson, groups

Martha has a very patient and enthusiastic teaching style and would very happy to recommend. As I haven’t taken classes for some time I wasn’t sure what to expect but enjoyed a teaching style that always kept me engaged. Martha adapts the lesson as required depending on the progress being made.

Liz Moore, groups

Spanish Lessons in Surrey have good interactive lessons and the style was effective using games, role plays, etc. Martha is very dynamic and patient with work, quite organized, encouraging and with good people skills. I think she is a great teacher. SLS classes have motivated me to continue learning in immerse myself in the language. The cultural aspects were interesting.

Luke Whelan, groups

I found Martha Jesty very flexible, organized, warm and friendly teacher. It was a very good experience to be in a small group discussing every class issues in Spanish. I am definitely better at Spanish after my lessons at Spanish Lessons in Surrey . We had fun and engaging activities with varied learning tasks. Martha is an excellent teacher with excellent knowledge of regional differences in Spanish.

Richard Barber, group

I found Martha’s ability to be very professional and enthusiastic with a very friendly attitude to enable me to relax, Martha is a good teacher. The lessons at Spanish Lessons in Surrey were put together very well linking each lesson activity. The content was very good and homework is a necessity to maintain your knowledge of the lessons. The lessons were covered out a steady fun pace.

Bill, A level student

Martha Jesty is very professional and friendly, she is also organized and encouraging and this gives me a boost to learn. Martha has an excellent ability to teach the language. Her style is very effective and also fun. All the grammar, presentation and activities were very effective and I am learning a lot and developing my language skills quickly. I feel confident after a class at Spanish Lessons ni Surrey, definitely feeling like I have learnt a lot.

spanish gcse help for teens surrey

This is obvious for me, as she taught me to enjoy learning rather than see it as a stress.  Thanks to her I now put that extra ounce of effort into my Spanish work at school because I want to. Not because I have to. These Spanish lessons wiht SLS have improved my fluency and my ability to channel my ideas in a clear, concise way whilst also demonstrating a breadth of knowledge of grammar and advanced vocabulary. Thank you so much Martha!  I mean every word I have written on this paper!  Keep being the unique mentor that you are because it makes a difference.

spanish lessons in surrey with marthajesty spanish group lessons in surbiton surrey

The classes with Spanish Lessons in Surrey have been stimulating and fun. We like the way that serious learning is delivered in a relaxed way.  We have learned a lot more than we thought we would.  We are particularly pleased that we are both starting to speak more freely with less halting and searching for words.

fun spanish classes in surrey hobbiesforwomen - Copy spanish Alevel exam help in chessington surrey spanuish group classes in chessington spanish group classes in chessington - in surrey spanishlessonsinsurrey groups Liz Moore Derek Tidy with Spanish Lessons in Surrey

Derek Tidy, private classes

SLS quality of language services is very good with all help available. Martha's knowledge of Latin American & Spanish culture is excellent and very interesting. Martha is a positive person by nature and this comes through in class. She is very organized and enthusiastic, she is an excellent teacher.

private tuition in chessington surrey oxshot

Martha is an excellent teacher, she had a very good interaction and real time assessment of my understanding and needs. I had a good variety of activities which Martha could adapt to maximise effectiveness. I had good feedback about progression and areas of focus to fill the gaps of my learning and homework was very helpful to my specific language needs. Anonymous, university student

Michele Gibson, private classes

I enjoyed the variety of information, (texbooks, handouts, otehr books, games, postcards, etc). The presentation is always clear and the pace is just right. I am never bored. Martha Jesty is energetic and well organised. She has fantastic people skills and is very enthusiastic about all things Spanish, particurlarly Peruvian. I would recomend Martha. Three words to discribe SLS: fun, well-paced, enjoyable.

Harry Richards, group classes

Martha Jesty is and has been a great teacher. Her teaching methods and strategies are very professional and clear whilst being warm and easy to talk to. The recap every week on the previous weeks teaching was invaluable boosting confidence amongst the class, including myself. I have learned so much and in I am very grateful for her time and effort. I was kept interested at all times, constantly learning and strived for more. Martha was very patient and explained clearly anything that was misunderstood. Her English is very good helping to learn the language a lot better. I am much more confident talking, reading and understanding Spanish now. Martha has really helped with my language learning journey.