Spanish Lessons in Surrey online Group Classes & Courses


Join a small group of people online who are at the same Spanish language level as yourself with Spanish online group lessons for adults from Chessington.

Ten week fun, dynamic and effective Spanish courses in Surrey with a break on half term.


Spanish group classes always start in JANUARY, APRIL, SEPTEMBER

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Beginners 1: Spanish course Surrey

Level O from scratch

Mondays 11.30am-12.30pm & 8pm-9.00pm


Beginners 2: Spanish course in Surrey

Level 1 elementary level

Wednesdays 8pm-9.00pm


Pre-Intemediate: Spanish course

Level A2 Thursdays 8.00pm-9.00pm


Spanish Intermediate Level B1 & Spanish Advanced Level B2 only by private tuition

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  • To find the joy of learning Spanish online in a fun & effective way with Spanish for adults and Spanish for teens
  • To teach yourself Spanish through passive learning, Spanish for adults Surrey
  • To discover your unique way of learning a language in a group and therefore becoming more patient with yourself.
  • To get rid of the fear of making mistakes and enjoy the process!
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Spanish Lessons in Surrey Methodology

At Spanish Lessons in Surrey we use the Communicative Approach methodology, putting the emphasis on speaking the language. We follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which provides a standard basis for the design of all language programmes in Europe. Therefore we can accurately check each client's language progress in the four skills of: speaking, writing, listening and reading. Learn Spanish online with Martha Jesty. Martha Jesty is an official DELE examiner from Instituto Cervantes. We offer Spanish private classes, Spanish Express Lessons quick and easy, Spanish for teenager doing Spanish GCSE & Alevel and Spanish for Families private lessons

"Martha Jesty is and has been a great teacher. Her teaching methods and strategies are very professional and clear whilst being warm and easy to talk to. The recap every week on the previous weeks teaching was invaluable boosting confidence amongst the class, including myself. I have learned so much and in I am very grateful for her time and effort. I was kept interested at all times, constantly learning and strived for more. Martha was very patient and explained clearly anything that was misunderstood. Her English is very good helping to learn the language a lot better. I am much more confident talking, reading and understanding Spanish now. Martha has really helped with my language learning journey."

Harry Richards

"Very interesting style and interesting to see how different methods help to reinforce learning and memory retention from a total novice, I now have a bit of a grasp of some Spanish basics like numbers, introductions, etc. Martha Jesty was very knowledgeable about language and culture so no doubt above hers teaching credentials, what she does seems to work!. She has a very positive teaching approach and prepared to offer additional support to clients which I have exceeded. Martha pushes us (even if we find it uncomfortable) to do more a try, she is very encouraging, even if we mess up."

Christine Bayley

"I found the course informative and enjoyable. The learning was presented in a great manner and things were explained effectively by Martha Jesty. She was very encouraging and patient, very friendly and organised. Good teaching and lessons. I have benefited from the course and the learning of the verbs."

Tanya Daykin

"An Excellent teacher; knowledgeable, perceptive, mixing disciplines with understanding of new students’ busy lives. The focus on individual’s learning styles demonstrated the deep commitment to helping students achieve their goals. Laughter helped too! SLS has an excellent service. I learned more and enjoyed it more than I was expecting. A lot of that of work has gone into the handouts and I appreciated that." James Benn