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Spanish private or semi-private lessons last 50 minutes. Register your child for 10 lessons delivered Monday-Friday in Chessington. They will:

  • Develop 4 skills (speaking, reading, listening & writing) in a fun way

  • Use connections and visualization rather than translating texts

  • Be mentored by me - a life coach for teens - so they can learn Spanish for life and not only for the exam.

“My daughter Amy got a 5 in her Spanish GCSE exams results which she is very happy with. Without you Martha I am absolutely certain she would have failed dismally, instead she got a “strong pass” so thank you Martha all round for what you brought to her all round education. “ Harriet (mum of Amy)


"Martha Jesty was always very kind. She always gave me homework so I could learn more. The lessons where very fun and interesting. The quality is very good and they have a really good system of teaching".   Adrian, GCSE student


"Martha Jesty really helped me with my confidence in speaking Spanish and conjugating verbs in different tenses. I increased my knowledge of Spanish culture within the lessons making it more interesting. Also, helped me out with my A level school work. Very helpful!"   Holly, A level student


"My daughter was delighted to learn Spanish with a teacher who was native speaker. She learned so much in 10 weeks not only about the language but also about Spanish and Latin American culture. She passed her A level exam with good grade."   Stacey M, Rebecca's mother


"I did learn in a fun way and all the classes were good. At school they just teach us the rules but it is hard to apply it. However here with SLS we talk more in Spanish which makes it easier to remember. Martha was encouraging and never got annoyed if I didn’t understand something. Always asking me what I wanted to practice and learn. Martha made it easy to understand grammar and I was never afraid to ask her a question."  Tvishi Agarwal


I really enjoy the classes and always learn a lot. I have especially understood the grammar which we have covered much more. Martha is very encouraging, friendly and patient. Her methodology and activities which she uses has meant that I have learnt and understand a lot more with the grammar we have covered. The lessons are always fun and interactive. Elloise Budd


I felt confident and comfortable during class and I had a much deeper understanding of Spanish, something that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve in the classroom. I really enjoyed SLS classes and would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their Spanish. Martha encouraged me to expand my knowledge of Spanish language and culture and allowed me to feel confident when discussing A Level topics. She is organized and has vast knowledge of a variety of different topics, not only Spain but also South America. I have improved my grammar as Martha  encouraged me to work on what I struggled with most. Martha is not just a mentor to me but also a friend. Hannah Bushaway

  • Exposed to Spanish language during most of the Spanish A level lessons

  • Taught crucial grammar points in a fun way

  • Putting emphasis on speaking, making the language alive with dynamic teaching.

Spanish lessons for teenagers doing Spanish A level exams perfect the vocabulary of the topics chosen for their A level exam. In each Spanish class your child will be:


Martha Jesty, the owner of Spanish Lessons in Surrey, has the following certificates to ensure that children are safe with her:

learn spanish in surrey lessons and classes Alevel spanish for GCSE students in surrey-josh

"I thoroughly enjoyed every lesson with Martha and my confidence in Spanish has increased. Going through grammar really helped me and made it easier for me to understand. I received good feedback which was very helpful and got enough homework to make me understand different grammar uses and formations, we did different activities such as reading, speaking and listening which busted my confidence".

Maddie, A level student

"The classes have boosted my son’s enjoyment and enthusiasm for Spanish; he was able to grasp spanish concepts better in a 1 to 1 session for his GCSE exams."

Josh, GCSE student

Spanish Lessons in Surrey with Martha Jesty, implements an effective methodology where the emphasis in each Spanish GCSE & A Level tuition class is to make the young person relaxed & learn fast and more effectively with a Spanish native speaker. Teens will be coached to:

  • Learn basic grammar points & exams techniques Edexcel or AQA

  • Rebuild their confidence in learning a new language

  • Understand their own way of learning

  • Learn how to love a new culture, making them more open minded

  • Spanish IGCSE for home educated, home schooled children is available

The presentation is clear and understandable. There is enough homework and the pace of the class is good & Martha’s style is effective and fun.

Martha is very encouraging and patient.  She is friendly but keeps the dynamic fun and professional. As a result of my Spanish classes with Martha, I am better with verbs and am successfully using them. I wil continue with the lessons next term.

Amy, GCSE student

spanish for gcse Alevel students surrey

Please make an appointment to meet your child and give you costs

I always enjoyed the classes and felt more confident after every class I attended at SLS to prepare for my GCSE exams. I felt as if learning Spanish was much better than learning at my school. I think Martha is a fantastic tutor who is encouraging, patient, friendly and has a dynamic teaching style! Martha has a variety of great teaching methods and has perceptive understanding of the Spanish language. In my opinion Martha Jesty is the best Spanish tutor available.

Sean Sri, GCSE student

SPANISH ALEVEL HELP IN SURREY spanish lessons in surrey with martha jesty epsom

Please make an appointment to meet your child and give you costs