Spanish GCSE & A Level Online Tuition or Spanish Face to Face

Spanish Tailor-made block lessons for GCSE & Spanish Alevel Exams

Spanish tailor-made 10-week-block lessons online OR face to face in Chessington, for teenagers doing Spanish GCSE and Spanish A level exams. Private one to one classes to perfect the vocabulary of the topics chosen for their exams with emphasis in speaking Spanish. In each Spanish class for teens they will:
  • be exposed to Spanish language during most of the Spanish lessons
  • be taught crucial grammar points in a fun way, very different from secundary schools' methodology
  • speak Spanish during each class, making the language alive with dynamic teaching.
  • receive a vast amount of resources, materials to work with, grammar exercises, list of links, and many more tailor-made materials.
Learn Spanish with Martha Jesty, a 20-years experienced Spanish teacher with a DBS Police check. Very experienced with Edexcel, Cambrdige & AQA examination boards and GCSE & IGCSE & Alevel exams.

Spanish online OR face to face in Surrey 10-week course for teenagers

Spanish tuition for teens tailor-made private block lessons and semi-private are delivered in Chessington, Surrey. Spanish GROUP LESSONS are only online and for higher levels. During Spanish private tuition teenagers will:
  • Develop 4 skills (speaking, reading, listening & writing) in a fun way
  • be coached to learn exam techniques to focus on Spanish language speaking and writing abilities and the requirements to answer the exams questions, Spanish GCSEs or Alevels.
  • Use connections and visualization rather than translating texts
  • Be mentored by Martha Jesty - a life coach for adults & teens - so they can learn Spanish for life and not only for the exam.
  • Their confidence will grow inmensely by the end of the course.

GROUP LESSONS ONLINE AVAILABLE ON FRIDAYS 5PM FOR TEENS TAKEN SPANISH GCSE OR ALEVEL EXAMS IN 2022. Groups will be form of 4-6 students doing a higher level.

Email Martha Jesty if interested.

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Spanish private courses tailored for teens

  • Your child will find the joy of learning Spanish language and its culture with an effective language methodology, very different from what they are used to in schools.
  • Teenagers will receive training to master passive learning on their own time, watching films and using important Spanish language links.
  • Secondary school students will discover their unique way of learning Spanish to take maximum advange of their brains.
  • Teens doing GCSE and Alevel Spanish will learn how to get rid of the fear of making mistakes and enjoy the process! Have a look at Martha Jestys references Spanish online lessons or face to face in Surrey

Spanish Lessons in Surrey Methodology

At Spanish Lessons in Surrey we use the Communicative Approach methodology, putting the emphasis on speaking the language. We follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which provides a standard basis for the design of all language programmes in Europe. Therefore we can accurately check each student's language progress in the four skills of: speaking, writing, listening and reading. Spanish FREE taster classes
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"I think the pace of the classes with Spanish Lessons in Surrey was just right, as we covered all the different areas for one topic per lesson; I felt evenly splitting the topics over the course made the workload less overwhelming for me. Hence, I was able to focus better and make each lesson worthwhile. I also found the extension articles Martha gave me to read very useful in developing my ideas and having new ways to express ideas! Martha Jesty is a truly a dynamic, enthusiastic Spanish teacher that has helped me improve so much over the course. Without a doubt Martha is not only an excellent teacher that shows she genuinely cares about your academic improvement, giving you vocab structures and ideas that stretch your understanding of the language, but a person that cares for their students’ wellbeing.

This is obvious for me, as she taught me to enjoy learning rather than see it as a stress. Thanks to her I now put that extra ounce of effort into my Spanish work at school because I want to. Not because I have to. These Spanish lessons wiht SLS have improved my fluency and my ability to channel my ideas in a clear, concise way whilst also demonstrating a breadth of knowledge of grammar and advanced vocabulary. Thank you so much Martha! I mean every word I have written on this paper! Keep being the unique mentor that you are because it makes a difference." Anjenna, GCSE student

"I felt confident and comfortable during class and I had a much deeper understanding of Spanish, something that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve in the classroom. I really enjoyed SLS classes and would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their Spanish. Martha encouraged me to expand my knowledge of Spanish language and culture and allowed me to feel confident when discussing A Level topics. She is organized and has vast knowledge of a variety of different topics, not only Spain but also South America. I have improved my grammar as Martha encouraged me to work on what I struggled with most. Martha Jesty is not just a teacher and mentor to me but also a friend.

Martha, I just wanted to let you now that I got a B in Spanish and I will be studying Spanish at the university of Reading! Muchas gracias por toda tu ayuda.”

Hannah Bushaway, A Level student

"I always enjoyed the classes and felt more confident after every class I attended at SLS to prepare for my GCSE exams. I felt as if learning Spanish was much better than learning at my school. I think Martha Jesty is a fantastic Spanish tutor who is encouraging, patient, friendly and has a dynamic teaching style! Martha has a variety of great teaching methods and has perceptive understanding of the Spanish language. In my opinion Martha Jesty is the best Spanish tutor available."

Sean Sri. GCSE student

"I grew confident during the Spanish lessons. When I learnt something with Martha Jesty, it always came up at school and made me feel ready and positive to learn it again. I enjoyed learning about grammar but found it hard to remember the verbs. I found my Spanish tutor Martha Jesty friendly, encouraging, organized, enthusiastic and patient."

Dasha Botha