Spanish Teacher References



"Martha Jesty is and has been a great teacher. Her teaching methods and strategies are very professional and clear whilst being warm and easy to talk to. The recap every week on the previous weeks teaching was invaluable boosting confidence amongst the class, including myself. I have learned so much and in I am very grateful for her time and effort. I was kept interested at all times, constantly learning and strived for more. Martha was very patient and explained clearly anything that was misunderstood. Her English is very good helping to learn the language a lot better. I am much more confident talking, reading and understanding Spanish now. Martha has really helped with my language learning journey." Harry Richards

"Very interesting style and interesting to see how different methods help to reinforce learning and memory retention from a total novice, I now have a bit of a grasp of some Spanish basics like numbers, introductions, etc. Martha Jesty was very knowledgeable about language and culture so no doubt above hers teaching credentials, what she does seems to work!. She has a very positive teaching approach and prepared to offer additional support to clients which I have exceeded. Martha pushes us (even if we find it uncomfortable) to do more a try, she is very encouraging, even if we mess up." Christine Bayley

"I found the course informative and enjoyable. The learning was presented in a great manner and things were explained effectively by Martha Jesty. She was very encouraging and patient, very friendly and organised. Good teaching and lessons. I have benefited from the course and the learning of the verbs." Tanya Daykin

"The Spanish classes were fun, informative, challenging, interesting. Martha is lively and enthusiastic Spanish teacher, she creates a supportive environment to ensure that you get as much as possible out of lessons. Contextualizing the language learning with cultural information was a real bonus." Dianne

"This was a not just a great learning experience for a complete beginner, it was also a fun cultural experience with Martha Jesty. At Spanish Lessons in Surrey, I learnt a lot more than just grammar and vocabulary covering expressions and meaning. The course gave me an excellent grounding in Spanish in a short period of time." Mike Young

"The Spanish language course was very flexible and useful, instilling confidence in those attending the Spanish lessons and encouraging them to try to speak the language to native speakers." Denisse Riddell

"Excellent use of limited time to ensure we acquired basic Spanish language skills which were of huge value on our holiday in Cuba." Pam Alexander

"A very flexible and professional service that matched well my requirements." Richard Smith

"Lots of positive feedback from the Spanish tutors well-structured exercises and a focus on practical use of Spanish language." Roger Booker

"A fun small and social group in which to meet friends and learn Spanish in a non-school environment. More useful than standard evening classes that are only geared for holiday users." Tessa de La Vega

"Spanish Lessons in Surrey offer a comprehensive and engaging language programme that is fun and well-paced. I have really consolidated the patchy Spanish language I xxxx had and have been able to extend my knowledge. I can now talk more confidently and understand much more.Martha is a clear and passionate teacher who clearly loves imparting her language to learners and gets great joy out of seeing their progress. Her lessons are well paced, fun and comprehensive and give a really solid foundation for mastering the language." Becky Hill

"Great teacher, very encouraging and accommodating, very patient! I have learned more than expected." Soraya Anderson

"Martha has a very patient and enthusiastic teaching style and would very happy to recommend. As I haven’t taken classes for some time I wasn’t sure what to expect but enjoyed a teaching style that always kept me engaged. Martha adapts the lesson as required depending on the progress being made." Paul Hickson

"I found Martha’s ability to be very professional and enthusiastic with a very friendly attitude to enable me to relax, Martha is a good teacher. The lessons at Spanish Lessons in Surrey were put together very well linking each lesson activity. The content was very good and homework is a necessity to maintain your knowledge of the lessons. The lessons were covered out a steady fun pace." Richard Barber

"We would definitely recommend Spanish Lessons in Surrey not only did we find it fun, but we have also gained a sound knowledge of the basics of Spanish which will undoubtedly help us in our travels to Central America." Natalie Homalia & Dereck Murray

"Martha Jesty, Spanis teacher, was excellent and I felt relaxed during my Spanish lessons. I have been enormously encouraged to speak Spanish during my weekly lessons. They went at my own pace of learning and I felt confident speaking a foreign language." Lady Crickhowell

"A very positive experience. I can have no complaints! Homework correction detailed and prompt, grammar presentation. My Spanish tutor, Martha Jesty, was patient and well explained, her knowledge of Latin American culture was a bonus. I enjoyed my Spanish lessons very much." Matthew Heard

"Spanish Lessons in Surrey have good interactive lessons and the style was effective using games, role plays, etc. Martha is very dynamic and patient with work, quite organized, encouraging and with good people skills. I think she is a great teacher. SLS classes have motivated me to continue learning in immerse myself in the language. The cultural aspects were interesting." Liz Moore

"Martha Jesty is a lovely person to have as a teacher and the classes feel more like an evening with a friend than formal lessons. She uses a wide variety of teaching techniques to help students develop the range of language skills. Having a Peruvian teacher is ideal for us as we plan to visit South America. We leave each class tired but motivated to keep improving. The classes with Spanish Lessons in Surrey have been stimulating and fun. We like the way that serious learning is delivered in a relaxed way. We have learned a lot more than we thought we would. We are particularly pleased that we are both starting to speak more freely with less halting and searching for words." Jane and Richard Wheeler

"Excellent value, the small size of the class made for a more intense lesson." David Kerr

"All the activities are presented in very a very attractive and encouraging way with an interactive and effective style. I think that Martha has great knowledge about Spain & Latin American culture and language. Martha is very encouraging and very patient person. She is also very friendly and well organized. Her lessons are always very interesting. I would say she is a very good teacher and very professional. Even though I just started learning Spanish, I feel that I have learned a lot during this course. It definitely boost my confidence and showed me that if I really want something I can achieve it." Justyna Bozyk

"Martha Jesty is an excellent teacher. Using her skills she identified the right level to approach the classes and was very patient in explaining elements of the language and how they should be used. She is a very dynamic and enthusiastic person and clearly has a plan for each class which builds on the knowledge previously imparted. Martha’s knowledge of Spanish in Latin America and the differences with Spain was deep and interesting and also amusing. The SLS quality of service is very good. The structure of the lessons and materials used is aids were excellent. In addition, the monthly meetings for conversation in the local pub are very useful and great fun. The process has certainly improved my Spanish and encourage me to continue learning and practicing. " Roger Welsh

" I found Martha Jesty very flexible, organized, warm and friendly teacher. It was a very good experience to be in a small group discussing every class issues in Spanish. I am definitely better at Spanish after my lessons at Spanish Lessons in Surrey . We had fun and engaging activities with varied learning tasks. Martha is an excellent teacher with excellent knowledge of regional differences in Spanish." Luke Whelan

"Very dynamic and efficient way of teaching Spanish, lots of fun and grammar points covered with different tasks and activities." Ann Brown

"An encouraging way to learn Spanish where all of us were at the same level of learning, something that you don’t find in a local Adult Education programme."

Andrew Manning

"After many years of not studying Spanish in London, Spanish Lessons in Surrey has renewed my interest in taking up the language again, they were excellent overall and the range of teachers they have are a niche in the UK market." Gene Clecley

"Very efficient Spanish courses because of the small group size. Martha Jesty our Spanish teacher adapted to our level when she notices we didn't follow. Excellent teacher." Mats Kjaer


"Martha is an excellent Spanish teacher that tailors the lessons to my ability and personality. She has a great sense of humour and is very dynamic so I enjoy learning with her. I have learned a lot so far and she goes above and beyond to teach me, suggesting material and inviting me to events. Taken a course with Spanish Lessons in Surrey I learned to relax more and understand how to decode the language. My understanding of the language has grown in just one course." Hebe O’Malley

"Martha's unique and clever way of teaching is fun and made learning so easy. We played Spanish Bingo and even sang Karaoke together to learn, hence I was learning without even realizing it. Martha is a wonderful caring person with an amazing patience and a fantastic sense of humour too. She is a great teacher and will remain a good friend too. I highly recommend Martha to anyone either wanting to learn a new language or who is relocating to the UK with their family and may be in need of  the assistance of a Cultural Mentor." Jo Rashbrook, Roomservice By Cort

"Martha’s methodology is very precise and can focus very well on the grammar and the printed handouts and verbs etc are excellent. I am now 84 years of age, but reasonably healthy and remembering Spanish is now harder. Martha is a very keen teacher, but I have to encouraged myself to study Spanish more at home and I have been slow in following her advice!" David Weir

"I highly recommend Martha Jesty. I started my one to one Spanish lessons with her a few months ago and am pleased with what I have achieved so far. She is a great teacher and she makes learning Spanish easy and fun. She is very patient and encouraging." Avinash Jobanputra, retired accountant

"Martha takes great care to match her teaching to my ability, but makes sure to gently push towards greater fluency. A great knowledge of Latin American culture and variations. Martha is an excellent friendly and understanding teacher. There is a clear methodology to ensure all aspects are covered, without ever any sense of overwhelming feeling. Even for a short course there was a clear plan to enable us to cover many aspects. It made learning great fun. Having someone with Martha’s experience as a tutor has cemented my commitment to learning beyond the original plan with just books or online learning this would not have happened."

Steve Harrowell

"I can highly recommend Martha; I am in the middle of a business course with her. Her lessons are effective and fun! Also she has a lovely manner and as a mother herself great empathy with teenagers. In short, I would not hesitate to entrust Martha with adults and teen’s exam preparation." Edwina Hugues

"I can highly recommend Martha Jesty as a Spanish teacher. She is dynamic, fun, friendly & encouraging. She is patient and thorough. She is such an inspiration with her boundless energy, enthusiasm and generous spirit." Wendy Wilkinson, Head Teacher

"I found the SLS lessons were well-paced and provided in very good background in Spanish grammar. The material provided was very useful and wide ranging. The exercises in class were really interesting and fun. The homework helped to consolidate what we had covered in class. I particularly enjoyed learning about the Spanish/Latin American cultures. Martha Jesty was really helpful and encouraging. She was always ready to take time to explain anything I was unsure of. She made me feel confident when speaking Spanish. Her enthusiasm for teaching all aspects of the language was infectious and I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons."

Janet Welsh

"I enjoyed the variety of information, (texbooks, handouts, otehr books, games, postcards, etc). The presentation is always clear and the pace is just right. I am never bored. Martha Jesty is energetic and well organised. She has fantastic people skills and is very enthusiastic about all things Spanish, particurlarly Peruvian. I would recomend Martha. Three words to discribe SLS: fun, well-paced, enjoyable." Michele Gibson

"Martha is incredibly patient and encouraging. She encourages and knows how to present new concepts in a way that works for my style of learning, going at a pace that suit me best. I am surprised by how much I could learn in 5 weeks. It’s a very short period of time and there is still so much to learn but it know I would feel confident enough to go to a restaurant/bar in Spain now and at least attempt to order in Spanish." Fiona Jackson

"I strongly recommend Spanish Lessons in Surrey to any prospective student. Martha Jesty is an excellent and dynamic teacher."

Eddie. Comber

"SLS quality of language services is very good with all help available. Martha's knowledge of Latin American & Spanish culture is excellent and very interesting. Martha is a positive person by nature and this comes through in class. She is very organized and enthusiastic, she is an excellent teacher." Derek Tidy

"I loved my Spanish lessons with Martha Jesty - she has a very thorough and engaging approach to learning Spanish and I felt that my spoken Spanish particularly improved over the course of my 10 lessons with her. She also gave me lots of advice for home learning. I would thoroughly recommend lessons with her." Clare H.

"Martha Jesty is very dynamic and friendly Spanish language teacher. Her knowledge of Brazilian Portuguese made my understanding of Spanish much easier. I believe she is the best teacher I ever had!" Eder Oliveira

"Martha's patience and methodical approach is helping me become the Spanish speaker I hope to be. She provides many study aids in class and suggestions for additional study which help immensely. I am pleasantly surprised at my ability to read and understand Spanish" Jennifer Levy

"Martha is patient and encouraging; the lessons are well structured and aimed at my basic level. I really enjoy the cultural input into the lessons. Martha makes the lessons fun and doesn’t overload my input as I can only take in so much. Martha is an understanding teacher who encourages you to learn using practical examples. Martha identified my weaknesses, we are working to overcome it." Ian Floyd

"Martha’s teaching has helped me a lot as it has allowed me to learn Spanish quickly in preparation for my Spanish language university exam. Fantastic quality teaching, very welcoming and friendly. Martha managed to fit me in last minute so really benefitted from it. The activities done in class were engaging and helped my understanding of Spanish, she focused a lot on grammar to help me grasp the language."

Alice Berrie

"I found Spanish Lessons in Surrey personal approach extremely beneficial; particularly individual weaker points being addressed on a one to one basis. This is a friendly and approachable way of learning a new language."

Jennifer Ellis

"Martha is an excellent teacher, has a very good interaction and real time assessment of my understanding and needs. I had good variety of activities which Martha could adapt to maximise effectiveness. I had good feedback about progression and areas of focus to fill the gaps of my learning and homework was very helpful to my specific language needs."


"Martha is a very encouraging and thoughtful teacher. She understands my strengths and, more importantly, my weaknesses and tailors the classes to take these into account.

I found the lessons challenging but enjoyable, which I think is the right balance. Martha pushes me to do more than I think I am capable of and that is a smart approach as it enables me to gain more confidence in my abilities. I think I have improved my knowledge of the Spanish language a lot. I can read and write Spanish reasonably well but need to work more on my speaking and listening. I can do that over the summer. I do lack patience some times and it has taken me time to realise that I am on a long journey with the language and I can’t expect to know it all straight away." Ian Dyson


"I think the pace of the classes with Spanish Lessons in Surrey was just right, as we covered all the different areas for one topic per lesson; I felt evenly splitting the topics over the course made the workload less overwhelming for me. Hence, I was able to focus better and make each lesson worthwhile. I also found the extension articles Martha gave me to read very useful in developing my ideas and having new ways to express ideas! Martha Jesty is a truly a dynamic, enthusiastic teacher that has helped me improve so much over the course. Without a doubt Martha is not only an excellent teacher that shows she genuinely cares about your academic improvement, giving you vocab structures and ideas that stretch your understanding of the language, but a person that cares for their students’ wellbeing. This is obvious for me, as she taught me to enjoy learning rather than see it as a stress. Thanks to her I now put that extra ounce of effort into my Spanish work at school because I want to. Not because I have to. These Spanish lessons wiht SLS have improved my fluency and my ability to channel my ideas in a clear, concise way whilst also demonstrating a breadth of knowledge of grammar and advanced vocabulary. Thank you so much Martha! I mean every word I have written on this paper! Keep being the unique mentor that you are because it makes a difference." Anjenna, GCSE student

"I felt confident and comfortable during class and I had a much deeper understanding of Spanish, something that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve in the classroom. I really enjoyed SLS classes and would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their Spanish. Martha encouraged me to expand my knowledge of Spanish language and culture and allowed me to feel confident when discussing A Level topics. She is organized and has vast knowledge of a variety of different topics, not only Spain but also South America. I have improved my grammar as Martha encouraged me to work on what I struggled with most. Martha is not just a mentor to me but also a friend. Martha, I just wanted to let you now that I got a B in Spanish and I will be studying Spanish at the university of Readin! Muchas gracias por toda tu ayuda.” Hannah Bushaway, A Level student

"I always enjoyed the classes and felt more confident after every class I attended at SLS to prepare for my GCSE exams. I felt as if learning Spanish was much better than learning at my school. I think Martha is a fantastic tutor who is encouraging, patient, friendly and has a dynamic teaching style! Martha has a variety of great teaching methods and has perceptive understanding of the Spanish language. In my opinion Martha Jesty is the best Spanish tutor available." Sean Sri. GCSE student

"I thoroughly enjoyed every lesson with Martha and my confidence in Spanish has increased. Going through grammar really helped me and made it easier for me to understand. I received good feedback which was very helpful and got enough homework to make me understand different grammar uses and formations, we did different activities such as reading, speaking and listening which busted my confidence." Maddie, A level student

"Martha Jesty was always very kind. She always gave me homework so I could learn more. The lessons where very fun and interesting. The quality is very good and they have a really good system of teaching."

Adrian, GCSE student

"Martha Jesty is very professional and friendly, she is also organized and encouraging and this gives me a boost to learn. Martha has an excellent ability to teach the language. Her style is very effective and also fun. All the grammar, presentation and activities were very effective and I am learning a lot and developing my language skills quickly. I feel confident after a class at Spanish Lessons ni Surrey, definitely feeling like I have learnt a lot." Bill, A level student

"The presentation is clear and understandable. There is enough homework and the pace of the class is good & Martha’s style is effective and fun.

Martha is very encouraging and patient. She is friendly but keeps the dynamic fun and professional. As a result of my Spanish classes with Martha, I am better with verbs and am successfully using them. I wil continue with the lessons next term."

Amy, GCSE student

"Martha Jesty really helped me with my confidence in speaking Spanish and conjugating verbs in different tenses. I increased my knowledge of Spanish culture within the lessons making it more interesting. Also, helped me out with my A level school work. Very helpful!" Holly, A level student

"The grammar activities given at SLS were very helpful and cleared up many questions I had in the past. Homework was mainly focused towards speaking practice at home and was very sufficient. Overall the style was interactive and effective through which I have learn about Latin American culture. Martha Jesty’s teaching abilities were very positive since it was friendly and encouraging yet also very professional. I grew in confidence regarding speaking abilities and learnt to have a fluent conversation in Spanish. It was much more personal than school (doing my GCSEs) which meant it was a lot more effective." Pooja Murali, GCSE student

"Clare enjoyed her Spanish lessons with Martha, it has improved her confidence in speaking Spanish. Martha is very enthusiastic and keen to help her. She is friendly and welcoming. Clare put in practice what she learned in class and enjoyed talking with the Spanish people on our last holidays!" Lynn Plaske (Clare’s mum)

"The classes have boosted my son’s enjoyment and enthusiasm for Spanish; he was able to grasp Spanish concepts better in a 1 to 1 session and got a higher exam results than expected."

J.Edwards about Josh GCSE student

"I did learn in a fun way and all the classes were good. At school they just teach us the rules but it is hard to apply it. However here with SLS we talk more in Spanish which makes it easier to remember. Martha was encouraging and never got annoyed if I didn’t understand something. Always asking me what I wanted to practice and learn. Martha made it easy to understand grammar and I was never afraid to ask her a question." Tvishi Agarwal

"I really enjoy the classes and always learn a lot. I have especially understood the grammar which we have covered much more. Martha is very encouraging, friendly and patient. Her methodology and activities which she uses has meant that I have learnt and understand a lot more with the grammar we have covered. The lessons are always fun and interactive.

“Martha, I thought that I would just let you know that I have been delighted with my A level result, as I got a B! Thank you very much for all your help- I really do believe that all your lessons made a difference, especially in the grammar and understanding of the language. Many thanks again!."

Elloise Budd, A Level student

"My daughter Amy got a 5 in her Spanish GCSE exams results which she is very happy with. Without you Martha I am absolutely certain she would have failed dismally, instead she got a “strong pass” so thank you Martha all round for what you brought to her all round education." Harriet (mum of Amy)

"My daughter was delighted to learn Spanish with a teacher who was native speaker. She learned so much in 10 weeks not only about the language but also about Spanish and Latin American culture. She passed her A level exam with good grade." Stacey M, Rebecca's mother


"Given the length of the lesson, which is half an hour Express Classes, Martha Jesty achieves much by sharing learning aids for grammar, and by encouraging outside practice and reading. There is also homework, and the combination is enough. There are exercises in the lesson to assist learning the topic. Martha’s knowledge of Latin American culture is extensive and informative. Martha Jesty is encouraging and patient and has a positive outlook to life and teaching in general. The lesson is well organized and preparation is good as well as having a good understanding of the pace at which to proceed. She is friendly and professional, a very good teacher and understands the different requirements of the students and adapts her methods accordingly." Susan Williams

"Martha Jesty is a very good teacher, always explaining and didn’t move on until everyone understood. She emphasised the importance of doing as much homework and possible which was vital for our learning. I always enjoyed the lesson."

David Prigg

"Martha is a very accomplished and friendly teacher. It has been many years since I last learned in this format, and Martha is extremely patient and can find many ways in explaining the language; a real pleasure to learn from her."

Jonathan Zammit-Tabona

"Spanish Lessons in Surrey put me at ease, I felt confident to speak a lot of Spanish." Gabrielle Steen

"The Spanish course was very intensive and enjoyable." Norma Gibbon

"Helpful, relaxed environment, conducive to learning." Philip Emsley

"Martha, I found your approach friendly and encouraging. The classes included a good mix of listening, talking and writing activities which were appropriately geared to my level. I liked the conversational aspect of the class and how through this you identified areas of need which we then addressed. Overall a very enjoyable experience." Cathy Buckley, Specialist Teacher and Assessor

"Amazing Spanish classes, I learned lot within a small space of time. Classes are clear, direct, easy to understand and I could follow later at home. No complicated rules. Martha is very friendly and I feel welcome!" Marta Olszewska


"Martha Jesty is a brilliant teacher! She makes learning really fun and effortless, using music and rhythm to help you to get the language into your head effortlessly. This is nothing like the language teaching you had in school (unless you were very lucky!) – it is modern and truly interactive. In a short introductory session she taught us how to ask for someone’s telephone number - and understand the answer – as well as telling someone else our number. We ended up dancing to music as we practised!"

Caroline Ewans, Thoughtful Marketing

"Martha, I really enjoyed your taster session on learning Spanish. What a fun way to learn a language and so different from the traditional school experience that I remember. There was tremendous energy and participation from everyone interacting with each other. You also have a lovely style in balancing the need to instruct and encourage at the same time."

Mark Rowray (Kingston Web Design)

"You probably heard of the power of teaching by example? Martha Jesty is one of these inspiring people whose passion for what she does naturally creates her business of teaching languages. Ever thought of learning Spanish, visually, auditory plus moving your body with the rhythm of uno, dos, tres, ...? Thats what we did at Martha's class and I think I can safely say, we didn't just learn to count from one to ten but also got a reminder of how much fun and ease learning can be." Martina Grubmueller, onwer of Syncholitic

"I met some great people in the group especially Martha Jesty who has an amazing abundance of energy. She taught us all to count to 10 in Spanish and taught us how to say our mobile numbers in Spanish, then to help it sink in we danced to Spanish music whilst saying our phone numbers in Spanish. It was so much fun and very educational at the same time. Very inspirational." Demelza Fry

"Martha Jesty is just fantastic! Upon meeting her, I was captivated by her energy and her charm. Martha also has an extremely positive outlook on life that is infectious! She knows how to bring the best of a person! My recommendation goes to this lovely lady! Furthermore, on the language side of things, I wasn't able to continue with my Spanish lessons due to personal circumstances but should there be an opportunity to be taught by Martha Jesty again I would jump on it! We had a meet to discuss certain things and she was so open, and I can imagine she takes this into her lessons; an open, free enjoyable approach!"

Jonathan Tsang, Senior host for Petrobas

"Martha Jesty is a truly committed individual. Her passion and sincerity really shines through in all she does. She has a genuine love of her work and is inspiring with her infectious positivity. After a few minutes in Martha's company, one feels uplifted, energised and full of compassion. She moves you to want to do more for those around you." Barbara Ewing

"I went to Martha's fun business networking meetings in Chessington and it was fun, relaxed and met interesting people. Martha is a very energetic, positive, excellent team leader and speaker and I am glad that she will be our next Fabulous Women group leader from this year for Chessington." Jane Hardy

"Martha has an energy and fun personality that permeates through the meetings. She is great at bringing together people and breaking the ice between contacts."

Nevil Kapadia

"Martha has a passion for life. she engages with people and brings her special zest to everything she does. I have been to a number of events where Martha has been an effective communicator and always professional and highly recommended. Martha is an Ambassador for Kingston Business Biscotti and is a joy to work with." John Ballard

"Martha is a 'get-things-done' person, and she inspires others to achieve too. Her passion for life and sense of fun is immediately evident, equalled only by her compassion for those less fortunate, particularly women and children, both in her native Latin America and here in the UK. She is a networker by nature, and loves to share her energy and enthusiasm, but always in a caring and selfless way. A 'good woman', in every sense... I'm glad to know her!" Keith Grover

"Working with Martha. Gives you a whole new jest for life! Such energy. Martha was a great subject to capture, both with wellbeing activities, team building and charity work. It is a pleasure to be associated with Martha. I am very much looking forward to the next chapter to capture in Martha's life."

Jane Hamilton-Cross

"This woman has bags of energy. She is ethical, courageous and sincere. She strives for perfection and gives 100% in everything that she does. Fun and loveable, Martha was a pleasure to network with."

Nina Assam

"I had the pleasure of seeing how Martha works at a networking event recently. She was so enthusiastic and good at what she does, got everyone up and put a huge smile of everyone's faces. We all felt wonderful afterwards."

Tina Murray


"Martha Jesty’s knowledge of British culture and language has helped me to solve cross-cultural issues in the translation of my marketing material. My Spanish marketing material was not only translated but also corrected and amended to break cultural barriers to reach my targeted audience and reach more British clients. I realized that translating a document from Spanish into English is not enough and using the right person for the job, bilingual in British and Spanish culture, was crucial to my business success."

Isabel Montes, Anglo Spanish Association

"I met Martha at an amazing Latin-inspired business event in Surbiton with great leadership exercises, great people and above all Martha going out of her way to help others grow and develop and make connections. Martha herself is energetic, passionate and effervescent, and this is channelled into her services: Spanish Club for Adults, Spanish Lessons in Surrey, Spanish Interpreting & Translation Services… A great voice for business in the Surbiton community. " Chris Hayes, Councillor

"The uniqueness of Latin America and Spain demands a specialisation in the cultures and languages if we are to be relevant to their reality. Spanish Lessons in Surrey are experts in the matter." John Chapman, former Latin Link International former Director

"Tuve el agrado de que Martha Jesty me pueda brindar clases online de Inglés. Martha ha sido de excelente ayuda para mi progreso en pronunciación y gramática del idioma inglés. He estudiado inglés en Institutos en Lima, Perú en los cuales la enseñanza es de una manera robótica y aburrida. Con Martha todo fue diferente ya que tiene una didáctica bien programada y entretenida de la enseñanza del inglés, con buenos materiales y links de enseñanza y a su vez siendo exigente, sin dejar de lado el profesionalismo que Martha tiene para poder llegar al alumno. Recomiendo a Martha porque sé que con ella vas a ver el inglés de una forma diferente y no solo aprenderás un idioma, sino un tipo de cultura y vida que te agradará." Wiler Soto, Representante de Perú de Peter Spanton Drinks

"It is not easy to find a company which will focus on Latin American Spanish as opposed to European Spanish and this is a very valuable service to me in view of my work."

Head of Region, Americas, BBC World Service

"Spanish Lessons in Surrey course was aimed specifically at our practical needs, the Spanish tutor was excellent as well as the service they provided."

David Barker, London Maritime Partnership

"Spanish Lessons in Surrey courses are excellent for business people who would like to make a good impression on their Spanish speaking clients. I feel confident to greet and to introduce myself and my business partners in a second language."

Andrew Storey, Paribas

"Spanish Lessons in Surrey have a personal touch in dealing with their clients as well as their constant follow up in my learning made all the difference."

Richard White, Confederation of British Industries

"The Spanish course was exactly what I was looking for. The key business phrases that I learned gave me confidence to try and use Spanish for my next business meeting in Latin America."

Alison White

"Learning a new language with Spanish Lessons in Surrey is a fun experience, not a chore."

Jacqui Wright, National Power

"Spanish Lessons in Surrey highly professional approach in dealing with business people and their cost effective individual programme makes them first choice for those going to Spain or Latin America."

Wayne Chandler, Tropical Foods Ltd

"A well-structured and practical Spanish course, delivered in a relaxed atmosphere with tolerance of clients with limited aptitude."

Dr C. Goodson-Wickes, Medarc Ltd

"I found my Spanish tuition very useful, and recommend them to anyone who is interested in learning Spanish, this is a unique service that Spanish Lessons in Surrey provides for UK companies."

Richard Napier, Bankers Trust Company

"I found the class very useful and also enjoyable. I thought you did very well to adapt the class to incorporate all the different ability levels of the group. The topics were challenging but also useful, as they helped take us out of our comfort zone and gain confidence when speaking the language."

Matt Eadie, Destination Specialist, Chimu Adventures

"I thought the lesson was very interesting and for me was just good to hear some Spanish being spoken to try and reignite the memories of the stuff I had learned previously. It was very interesting to learn about the different cultural aspects of the different countries in Latin America so overall the lesson was very useful."

Simon Evans, Manager, Chimu Adventures