The following measurements have been put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19 during Spanish lessons face to face in Chessington, Surrey:

  • You are required to use a face mask when you enter the premises and take it out once you are sitted in the classroom.
  • As soon as you arrive you must use our disinfectant hand gel which is by the door.
  • Seats and tables are disinfected after every class.
  • Classroom opened windows brings plenty of ventilation.
  • Distance between teacher and client is 1 1/2 meters apart.

Learn Spanish online with Martha Jesty from September 2020. If you have any concerns after reading this announcement, please send me an email

You will be able to travel seamlessly in 20 Spanish speaking countries and interact with more than 700 million in these parts of the world.

Spanish lessons online with Martha Jesty

You will have more cognitive flexibility enabling you to 'go with the flow' better than monolingual people when faced with new or unexpected circumstances.

Spanish online classes now

You will have a better brain in old age with increased cognitive abilities, therefore diminishing the chances of getting dementia. Great for adults and older learners

Online Spanish for Adults are ideal!

Spanish language will open the door for you in many areas, as working with people from another culture demands flexibility, adaptability and open-mindedness. Great for teens and families with small children

Spanish courses in Surrey now available online

About Us
  • Spanish effective classes are delivered online or in Surrey for the main groups in the community: Spanish for adults 20-90, Spanish for families with small children, Spanish for teens doing GCSE and Alevel Spanish Exams.
  • We offer Spanish one to one private or group course with emphasis in conversation and fluency paying attention in your unique way of learning.
  • We have been in the teaching British market for more than 20 years.
  • Our dynamic teachers are native speakers from Latin America and Spain.
  • We are able to help clients with very specific language and cultural topics.

We offer Spanish group classes for adults in Surrey, Spanish classes for teens Spanish GCSE & Alevel, Private Spanish classes for families with small children, Spanish private block lessons, Spanish near you with Express Classes and SPANISH LESSONS ONLINE

"Martha Jesty is a very encouraging and thoughtful Spanish teacher. She understands my strengths and, more importantly, my weaknesses and tailors the classes to take these into account. I found the Spanish private block lessons challenging but enjoyable, which I think is the right balance. Martha pushes me to do more than I think I am capable of and that is a smart approach as it enables me to gain more confidence in my abilities. I think I have improved my knowledge of the Spanish language a lot. I can read and write Spanish reasonably well but need to work more on my speaking and listening. I can do that over the summer. I do lack patience some times and it has taken me time to realise that I am on a long journey with the language and I can’t expect to know it all straight away."

Ian Dyson, Spanish private block lessons

"Martha Jesty develops rapport well with my children -8 and 5- by being friendly and showing an interest in them. They enjoy the puppets, music part of session. It was good for the children to get items such as fruit / vegetables in the home as this helps engagement. Martha’s knowledge of teaching methodology is very good and she is clear to myself as a parent about what is required to support my children with their ongoing learning.

I have been impressed as to how much could be learnt in 20 minutes and by continued practice at home. It is helpful to learn together as a family. We have all been using it functionally across the day and enjoying speaking another language. It is advantageous to learn together and being online is easy to access without the time spent travelling. Within term time we would not have had the opportunity to learn Spanish unless online, based on our previous routine. We appreciate Martha’s time to teach us some Spanish".

Mrs Caroline Burns, Spanish for Families

“I have very much enjoyed the week long beginners’ class with Martha Jesty. I have found her to have all the teaching qualities that makes a student interested and willing to learn. She has been patient and encouraging with those of us whose memories are not great; She is organised and very professional but at the same time the class is friendly and fun. Her style, knowledge and methodology are certainly of a high standard and I would recommend her highly to anyone who wants to learn Spanish. Although the online class may not equal the face to face, it has surprised me how effective it has been aside from one or two minor technical issues. I had no knowledge of Spanish and after a few days now feel quite confident that I am equipped with some very helpful and basic conversation skills. The class has definitely stimulated my motivation to learn more."

Casia Zajac, Spanish group classes


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Places are offered only to those who have paid the registration fee. This applies also to free group classes.

Registration fee is not refundable or transferable once you have being accepted on the course or offered an appointment for an Express Class or any other private or group class. Payment for the full course should be paid within 3 days after your registration fee otherwise we do not guarantee a place in any of our courses.

Spansih Express classes can not be rescheduled.