Free Spanish Classes Online or Face to Face in Surrey

Free Spanish Express Classes in Surrey

Get a free private Spanish Express Classes on the first week of each term as a free taster Spanish class for adults or for teenagers doing their Spanish GCSE or Alevel exams. Pay one and get second free. Learn Spanish online with Martha Jesty

Organised by Spanish Lessons in Surrey online this is also ideal for companies that would like a fun activity to learn specific topics in Spanish like introducing themselves, numbers, others.

Free fun Spanish classes are delived in Surrey during the first 2 weeks in January, April and July. Each class last 30 minutes and applies to new clients only.

Spanish taster classes with Martha Jesty Spanish tutor can be book during the day Monday till Friday.

You will be surprised how much you will learn in such a short time! See References Spanish Classes

Dates 2021: January 4-8; April 1-9; July 1-8; September 1-10

Please pay £30 for 1 FREE Express Class and get the second free.

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"Martha is a brilliant teacher! She makes learning really fun and effortless, using music and rhythm to help you to get the language into your head effortlessly. This is nothing like the language teaching you had in school (unless you were very lucky!) – it is modern and truly interactive.

In a short introductory session she taught us how to ask for someone’s telephone number - and understand the answer – as well as telling someone else our number. We ended up dancing to music as we practised!"

Caroline Ewans, Thoughtful Marketing

"Martha, I really enjoyed your taster session on learning Spanish. What a fun way to learn a language and so different from the traditional school experience that I remember. There was tremendous energy and participation from everyone interacting with each other. You also have a lovely style in balancing the need to instruct and encourage at the same time."

Mark Rowray (Kingston Web Design)

"You probably heard of the power of teaching by example? Martha is one of these inspiring people whose passion for what she does naturally creates her business of teaching languages and dancing. Ever thought of learning Spanish, visually, auditory plus moving your body with the rythm of uno, dos, tres, ...? Thats what we did at Martha's talk at Fabulous Women and I think I can safely say, we didn't just learn to count from one to ten but also got a reminder of how much fun and ease learning can be."

Martina Grubmueller, Syncholistic