by Martha Jesty

5 Recommendations to learn Spanish faster

  1. Homework. Do it within 24 hours after your class to reinforce your new acquired knowledge. Grammar will make more sense to you.
  2. Vocabulary. Choose a reading of any topic and make a list of all the words you have learned after you have highlighted them. Read many topics (hotel, house, holidays, food, shopping for clothes, etc) and add your new words into your list of topics.
  3. Develop Fluency. Watching films in Spanish. Repeat the sentence you want to learn in the same speed and manner as the native speaker is saying it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand every single word. Do the same technique when you sing in Spanish.
  4. Think in Spanish. Make a virtual friend online or by WhatsApp. I have already volunteered to all of you to text me in Spanish. Only one took the plunge! This is such an important activity to make your brain sharper and faster as you will switch your brain into Spanish mood without time to think in English. Come and join my FB group Practice Spanish in Surrey and make online friends there if you contact them directly.
  5. Advanced your knowledge. Learn about Latin American people and Spanish people and their differences, their history, geography, main touristic places & food

Be passionate about all Spanish language, its people and their culture!

4 reasons NOT to learn Spanish!

As you may know, usually I like to talk about all the many wonderful reasons there are to learn Spanish. However, as a Spanish tutor in Surrey with more than 20 years’ experience, I am also familiar with the reasons people have for NOT learning Spanish as well! Here are some of the ones that I hear most often.

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Let your body teach you Spanish!

I used to be a Zumba instructor and when I was doing the routines I would speak to my class in Spanish - it was so much fun! Uno, dos, tres, derecha, izquierda, muy bien... They would learn Spanish with me while losing calories. Studies have shown that movement helps you to learn a new skill, even when the skill you are learning is not a physical one. Among other things, it increases the blood flow to your brain and it helps you to view the same piece of information from different perspectives.

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3 amazing Peruvian restaurants to inspire your cooking

The famous Peruvian dish of Ceviche.

If you are bored with cooking the same thing for dinner every week, here is a little inspiration from my home country of Peru. You have probably heard of Ceviche, the famous dish of marinated raw fish, but I promise you there is much more to Peruvian food than this. Learning how to cook Peruvian food can provide a fantastic new skill if you are retired and looking for a hobby, or for a way of meeting new people. For young people, it’s a great way of learning how to cook and how to speak Spanish. For every age it is a great way to practice your Spanish in an authentic Latin American atmosphere. Whether you like to cook or prefer just to eat, I am very proud of my native cuisine and want to share with you three of my favourite Peruvian restaurants…

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How to become a better person in 2018

You have probably heard that learning a second language is good for your brain, whether you grow up with it or take lessons as an adult. That is amazing information of course, but I also feel that learning a second language can make us better people all-round. Better learners. Better family members. Better friends...

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If you could speak Spanish, where would you go?

Spanish exams can be scary. You have to write in another language, totally different from your own. You have to listen to recordings of people speaking very quickly and try to understand what they say. And you also have to speak out loud in Spanish! In front of somebody else! So forget about the exam. Close your eyes, and imagine yourself in a park in Madrid. The sun warms your face as you chat fluently with your Spanish friend about your new job as Spanish Social Media Manager for Amazon. Now open your eyes – did that make you feel happy? Proud? Excited? Learning Spanish to get the future you dream of is much more fun than just learning Spanish for exams...

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