Under Government advice, the following measurements have been put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19 during Spanish lessons face to face in Chessington, Surrey:

HANDS: As soon as you arrive you must use our disinfectant hand gel which is by the door. Seats and tables are disinfected after every class.

FACE: You are required to use a face mask when you enter the premises and take it out once you are seated in the classroom.

SPACE: Distance between teacher and client is 1.5 meters apart.

VENTILATION: Classroom has opened windows brings plenty of ventilation.

If you have any concerns after reading this announcement, please send me an email.

The benefits of learning Spanish with SLS

The impact of learning Spanish with SLS is also seen in the brain structure which manifest in everyday life.

  • You become more patient with yourself as you learn that making mistakes is OK.
  • Become bilingual as you think in Spanish, learning unique techniques to achieve this.
  • Become more understanding of Spanish and Latin American cultures as you learn Spanish language grammar and culture.
  • Your hippocampus (long memory) as well as your frontal cortex (short memory) becomes more efficient when you need to learn grammatical structures and abundant vocabulary.
  • Your auditory cortex becomes sharper by developing comprehensive listening (verbal-nonverbal) and specific listening (analytical and informational) using different listening techniques.

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